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Katie Sadehvandi

Katie Sadehvandi, Founding Partner
Born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, I am more than excited to bring something so amazing and necessary to our community! About 9 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that turned my life upside down. However, it also opened my eyes for the need of a more natural approach to healing. I didn’t realize the decline of my health until it was to late, but being a wife and a mom of two amazing boys, giving up was not an option. With much prayer, research and collaborating with my doctor, I have started to regain my “new normal” back. Opening the spa is so much more than just a new business venture for me. It is driven by pure passion to share new avenues of natural healing! We are not about natural vs. medical. We are about the combination of the two so you can achieve optimal health to live your best life!

Ali Sadehvandi

Ali Sadehvandi, Founding Partner
I am one of the founding partners of The Salt Room Saginaw. I was born and raised in Saginaw, Mi, graduated from Freeland High School in 2004. After graduation I went on to work for the family business for about 6 years. Not long after I started my career at Guardian Medical Monitoring. This is where I started to form my passion for the health and wellness industry. I wanted to build my career around it! I always had a desire to follow in my parents footsteps and become a successful entrepreneur. Now that I have the opportunity to open my own business that is surrounded around health and wellness,I could not be more happier to see my dreams come together!

Joan Sadehvandi

Joan Sadehvandi, Founder
I was born and raised in Allen Park, Michigan then moved to Saginaw in 1978. In 1981 my hubby and I opened the first independent video store in Saginaw. As the years went on we opened five more locations in the Tri-city area. It was a fun and exciting business and I loved being a part of the business community. With the new technologies on the horizon, the video industry declined. We liquidated and closed our last store in 2010. After brainstorming with my son and daughter in law, we decided to open a wellness spa. We are very excited to bring the many natural and alternative health benefits we have to offer at our spa to our community. So here I am not quite ready for retirement yet but ready to throw my hat in another ring. Here’s to our health and wellness!

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